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Beeler-Gores Funeral Home is a funeral home in Middleville, Michigan, and accepts casket deliveries from manufacturers such as Titan Casket. If a funeral does not offer Titan Casket in their showroom, consumers have the federal right to buy a casket online at, typically at significant savings. Titan Casket is an American company, ships for free, and will deliver a high quality casket or coffin to Beeler-Gores Funeral Home in as few as 2 business days. Funeral homes, cemetaries, and other funeral professionals can also buy caskets directly from Titan Casket on behalf of their clients. Call Titan Casket to learn more at (501) 420-3990.

Casket Deliveries


The Funeral Rule as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ensures that consumers have the right to provide a casket by their own means, without penalty. This means that:

  • Buying a casket or coffin for sale online and arranging delivery to your selected Funeral Home for use in a Funeral Service is legal in all 50 States
  • Funeral providers cannot refuse to use a casket or coffin you bought online, or put unreasonable or onerous restrictions on when it must be delivered or who must receive delivery
  • You cannot be charged an additional fee if you supply the casket - federal law prohibits funeral directors from charging “casket-handling” or other fees for people who purchase their casket online
  • You cannot be required to purchase any goods or services that are not required by law - funeral homes are allowed to charge one non-declinable “basic” fee, but only one, and this should be for basic or required goods and services
  • The funeral home may not lie about or misrepresent funeral or cemetery laws, rules, or regulations - if you are told something is required by law, ask for a copy of the law
  • Other kinds of misrepresentations, such as to the quality of caskets or coffins bought online, or the likelihood of damages in transit, are also illegal. Consumer protection laws in most states also prohibit such deceptive practices. State Licensing Boards in all 50 states have the right to (and do) discipline Funeral Directors for dishonesty and misrepresentation, and Federal law also prohibits dishonest, deceptive, and unfair acts and practices

We recommend requesting a “General Price List” from the funeral home and comparing those prices with ours.

IMPORTANT: If you are observing any violation of the Funeral Rule, please contact us. We help out clients fight for their federal rights. For more information on the Funeral Rule and how to file a claim in your state, click here.

Beeler-Gores Funeral Home


Titan Casket Review

We have not yet written a funeral home review for this home. Our typical funeral home review with describe our overall experience during casket delivery as well as customer service feedback both from our team and our clients.

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